The Arkansas Trauma Rehabilitation Program (ATRP) was established through a memorandum of agreement between the Arkansas Department of Health (ADH) and the Arkansas Spinal Cord Commission (ASCC). Through educational and resource development initiatives, ATRP works to increase access to comprehensive, cutting-edge rehabilitation care and facilitate community reintegration for Arkansans who have sustained traumatic injuries.

Vision Statement

To enable every Arkansan who has sustained a disabling traumatic injury access to the comprehensive rehabilitation care he or she needs to seamlessly reintegrate into the community.

Mission Statement

To increase awareness of the rehabilitation and lifelong care needs of survivors of traumatic injuries, evaluate existing programs, educate healthcare professionals, and identify vital resources for survivors of traumatic injuries.


Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Registry

Arkansas Statute 20-14-703 requires that all hospitals, attending physicians, and public and private social agencies refer, within five days of diagnosis, every Arkansas resident who is newly identified as having sustained a moderate to severe traumatic brain injury to the TBI Registry.

ATRP implemented the TBI Registry in 2013 under a memorandum of agreement with the Brain Injury Alliance of Arkansas to collect this information. Data from the TBI Registry will be used to plan future TBI prevention and recovery efforts.

Family Resource Guide

ATRP developed a comprehensive, 32-page guide and information packet for people who have a recently sustained a traumatic brain injury and their families. This guide is intended to help one understand how the brain works, what happens when it is injured, and the recovery process from the initial injury to reintegration into the community.

These packets are provided to the acute care hospitals for distribution to all referrals to the TBI Registry.

Disability Resources Website

This site (atrp.arkansas.gov) will contain a searchable database that can be used by healthcare professionals and individual Arkansans who are seeking resources in their community to meet a variety of needs they may have during the recovery process.

Triumph Call Center

In an effort to better serve the rural population of Arkansas, ATRP has entered into an agreement with UAMS Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and the UAMS Distance Learning Center for the creation of the TRIUMPH (Tele-Rehabilitation Interventions Through University-based Medicine for the Promotion of Healing) Call Center.

This is a 24/7 service linking primary care and emergency physicians, as well as individual Arkansans, to cutting edge clinical information for the care and treatment of spinal cord injury. It offers phone-based or interactive-video-based, on-the-spot nurse/physician-to-physician consultation as well as 24/7 patient and family support.


Brain Injury Conference

Held annually each Summer, this conference features presentations on the prevention and treatment of brain injuries from an array of regional and national experts.

Spinal Cord Injury Conference

This conference presents speakers who offer up-to-date information for both healthcare professionals and those living with a spinal cord injury.

Trauma Rehabilitation Conference

Held annually, this conference provides cutting-edge presentations on topics from nationally and regionally known speakers for healthcare professionals who care for patients with traumatic injuries.

Assistive Technology Conference

This conference offers presentations for healthcare professionals and consumers on the latest advancements in assistive/adaptive technology.

Certified Brain Injury Specialist Training

Certified Brain Injury Specialist Training is also offered at different times throughout the year to qualified healthcare professionals who wish to receive this certification. Certified trainers from the Academy of Certified Brain Injury Specialists conduct these trainings.


Clinical Practice Guidelines